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Exclusive First Editions

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Avail Cat_No Description RRP (inc.VAT)
  E14408 In Stock E14408 Leyland National Mk.1 Short Manchester G.M.P.T.E. £ 24.95
  E14409 In Stock E14409 Leyland National Mk.1 Short 2 Door Grey Green £ 24.95
  E14410 In Stock E14410 Leyland National Mk.1 Short Greater Glasgow £ 24.95
  E14605 In Stock E14605 Leyland National Mk.1 Short London Country North West £ 19.95
  E14606 In Stock E14606 Leyland National Mk.1 Short Chiltern Bus £ 24.95
  E14702 In Stock E14702 Leyland National Mk.2 Short Portsmouth City Transport £ 19.95
  E14902 In Stock E14902 Leyland National Mk.II Short Ribble NBC £ 24.95
  E15110 In Stock E15110 Leyland National Mk.1 Long 2 Door Selnec P.T.E. £ 19.95
  E15111 In Stock E15111 Leyland National Lg 2 Door Plymouth Cty Trpt Efford & Laira £ 29.95
  E16608 In Stock E16608 Leyland National Mk.1 Short 2 Door South Yorkshire £ 19.95
  E17215 In Stock E17215 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Alder Valley £ 19.95
  E17217 In Stock E17217 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Northern Tyne And Wear £ 19.95
  E17218 In Stock E17218 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Eastern National £ 19.95
  E17219 In Stock E17219 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Damory £ 19.95
  E17223 In Stock E17223 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Maidstone & District £ 19.95
  E17224 In Stock E17224 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Eastern National £ 19.95
  E17225 In Stock E17225 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Burnley & Pendle £ 19.95
  E17226 In Stock E17226 Leyland National Mk.1 Long East Kent £ 19.95
  E17227 In Stock E17227 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Hants & Dorset N.B.C. £ 19.95
  E17228 In Stock E17228 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Devon General £ 24.95
  E17230 In Stock E17230 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Eastern National Citybus £ 24.95
  E17231 In Stock E17231 Leyland National Bus Northumbria Gosforth v Newcastle No 46 £ 29.95
  E17303 In Stock E17303 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Southend Transport £ 19.95
  E17304 In Stock E17304 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Greenline N.B.C. £ 19.95
  E17307 In Stock E17307 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Brighton Buses £ 19.95
  E17308 In Stock E17308 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Greenline N.B.C. £ 19.95
  E17310 In Stock E17310 Leyland National MK.I Southend Transport £ 24.95
  E17311 In Stock E17311 Leyland National Mk.1 Long Greenline NBC £ 24.95
  E17312 In Stock E17312 Leyland National Mk.I Long East Kent NBC Garlinge 154 £ 29.95
  E17505 In Stock E17505 Leyland National Mk.2 Long First Provincial £ 19.95
  E17510 In Stock E17510 Leyland National Mk.2 Long Kelvin Cumbernauld £ 24.95
  E17511 In Stock E17511 Leyland National MKII 1 Door Highland Scottish £ 29.95
  E17702 In Stock E17702 Leyland National Mk.2 Long Go Northern £ 19.95
  E17703 In Stock E17703 Leyland National Mk.2 Long North Western £ 19.95
  E17705 In Stock E17705 Leyland National Mk.2 Long Cumberland N.B.C. £ 24.95
  E17706 In Stock E17706 Leyland National Mk.2 Go Northern £ 24.95
  E17707 In Stock E17707 Leyland National MKII Long Colchester Trprt Ambrose Ave 1 £ 29.95

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