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Exclusive First Editions

Purchase Exclusive First Editions Products from a Bachmann approved dealer

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Avail Cat_No Description RRP (inc.VAT)
  E22911 In Stock E22911 Bedford TK 2 Axle Short Box Van United Dairies £ 19.95
  E22912 In Stock E22912 Bedford TK 2 Axle Short Box Van North Western B.R.S. £ 19.95
  E22913 In Stock E22913 Bedford TK Box Van Ever Ready £ 19.95
  E22914 In Stock E22914 Bedford TK Boxvan Rail Express Parcels £ 19.95
  E23402 In Stock E23402 Bedford TK Flatbed Short Fremlins Beer £ 19.95
  E23404 In Stock E23404 Bedford TK Flatbed Short Milk Marketing Board £ 19.95
  E23405 In Stock E23405 Bedford TK Flatbed Short Staplehurst Transits £ 19.95
  E23406 In Stock E23406 Bedford TK 2 Axle Flatbed Lorry British Railways £ 31.00
  E23605 In Stock E23605 Bedford TK Luton Box Van Woodlands Transport £ 19.95
  E23606 In Stock E23606 Bedford TK Bedford Tk Box Van Wallace Arnold £ 19.95
  E24105 In Stock E24105 Bedford TK Dropside (Short) Bus Eireann £ 19.95
  E24106 In Stock E24106 Bedford TK Dropside (Short) Watneys £ 19.95
  E24107 In Stock E24107 Bedford TK Dropside Crosville NBC £ 19.95
  E24108 In Stock E24108 Bedford TK Dropside Alder Valley NBC £ 19.95
  E34501 In Stock E34501 Bedford TK Short Bulk Tipper Thomas Carey £ 19.95
  E34502 In Stock E34502 Bedford TK Short Bulk Tipper Marston Bricks £ 19.95
  E36301 In Stock E36301 Bedford TK Short Dropside GM Buses £ 19.95
  E36303 In Stock E36303 Bedford TK Short Dropside British Rail £ 24.95
  E36304 In Stock E36304 Bedford TK Short Tipper Truck 'Russell Of Bathgate' £ 19.95

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