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    In Stock PHOS-001 Light Tower for 1:64 HO Scale (kit) £ 22.95
  PLS-301 In Stock PLS-301 Bridge/Gantry for Start Finish and Advertisements (Laser-cut Kit) £ 16.95
  PLS-303 In Stock PLS-303 Race Tower for Race Control, Press or Marshalls(Laser-cut Kit) £ 23.95
    In Stock PLS-304 6 X Outdoor Billboards w/Advertisement Decals (Laser-cut Kit) £ 22.95
  PLS-305 In Stock PLS-305 Race Marshal's Stand (Laser-cut Kit) £ 22.95
  PLS-306 In Stock PLS-306 Retro Type Grandstand (Laser-cut Kit) £ 49.95
  PLS-307 In Stock PLS-307 Garage & Workshop Kit (Laser-cut Kit) £ 32.95
  PLS-308 In Stock PLS-308 Illuminated Billboard (Built, laser-cut acrylic) £ 20.95
  PLS-311 In Stock PLS-311 Light Tower (Kit, laser-cut acrylic) £ 36.95
  PLS-313 In Stock PLS-313 Stand w/Light (Kit, laser-cut acrylic) £ 68.95
  PLS-314 In Stock PLS-314 Footbridge for 2 Lane (Laser-cut, cardboard kit) £ 17.95
  PLS-315 In Stock PLS-315 Retro Type Double Pit Stop Kit w/Light and Sliding Doors £ 38.95
  PLS-316 In Stock PLS-316 Hot Dog Stand Kit w/Light and Rotating Banner £ 31.95
  PTC-401 In Stock PTC-401 Tyre Truer and Cleaner for 1:32 Slot Cars w/220V Adaptor £ 53.95
    In Stock PTC-401S Spares for TC-401 Tyre Truer & Cleaner (3 low, 3 high grade sp. 3 felts) £ 6.95
  PTC-401X In Stock PTC-401X Tyre Truer and Cleaner for 1:32 Slot Cars without Adaptor £ 48.95
    In Stock PTC-402 Slot Car Track Tester £ 13.95

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